“Fujikura Electronics (Thailand) Ltd., we have four factory locations in Thailand. Unfortunately, two of them got serious damage by water flood in 2011.  Our top management Fujikura Ltd. in Japan decided to continue operation in Thailand, because we have many experiences operation more than 20 years and also have many competent staffs.  Then we investigated several industrial locations, based on BCP (Business Continuous Plan) concept.

Finally, we selected Kabinburi Industrial Zone (KIZ) for new factory establishment. One of FETL factory has operated in Prachinburi province since 1996, but we are not familiar with Kabinburi area. So KIZ management supports us timely and gives us useful suggestion. KIZ can control environment well for traffic such as safety or security. And most important, KIZ is excellent support for us by their management team always. So we strongly suggest you that KIZ is one of the best choices for you.”