……..We always realize that the success of our business
undoubtedly comes from the success and satisfaction of our clients

          Kabinburi Industrial Zone (KIZ) was established by a group of businessmen who share a common vision and determination to develop a piece of land to be the “Modern Industrial Park” with complete infrastructure and public utilities for foreign and Thai investors who have seen an opportunity to invest in Thailand.

          With over 25 years of experience, Kabinburi Industrial Zone had been trusted and given the confidence by foreign and Thai investors to set up the production plants in our industrial zone. Our distinguished clients are those companies from e.g., Japan, China, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA., Singapore etc.

          Kabinburi Industrial Zone has the total area of 4,000 rais or 1,600 acres in Kabinburi district of Prachinburi Province. Being designed to be the self-contained industrial zone, apart from the complete infrastructure, we also provide other accommodations like banks, housing project, serviced apartment, sport club, convenient store etc.

          In order to complete the good living quality of those people who are staying in our industrial zone, besides the mentioned utilities and accommodations, we also provide a well- known secondary school for the children in our community. In the early year, we had donated a plot of land which is in the center point of our industrial zone to the Ministry of Education to set up the “Triam Udom Suksa Nomklao Kabinburi School”. This helps improve the education standard of the students who are living in Kabinburi Industrial Zone.

          Since our business is not only selling a piece of land, that is why we also have a team of staff to give you the one stop service. Our service will be started from applying the tax privileges, registering the company, giving advice for construction, helping recruit workers and staff, applying for concerned permits etc. till your company can start operation.


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